Episode 95 Hunter Stages and My Thoughts


This episode talks about the stages a hunter goes thru in his hunting lifetime. These stages have been listed and discussed for many years. I list the documented stages and give my take on the whole thing.


  1. Well stated. I agree, that stereotyping anyone is just bad practice. I started hunting for a lot of different reasons and continue to hunt now for a whole other set of reasons.

  2. Once again you hit the nail on the head. I don’t understand why we as humans have to try and label things. I have been hunting for the past 28 + years and I guess I will never go through these “stages” The big problem is this was done by academics. During my day job I work in academia so I know the pattern. As far as people judging what a trophy is shame on them. A nice doe or even a spike horn can be one man’s/woman’s trophy. If they took the time to hunt the animal in their eyes that was a trophy. I am a meat hunter and as far as I am concerned they are all trophies. I have never found a recipe for backtag soup or antler stew. Keep up the great work Jason. I always look forward to each and every episode. I always pick up something from you!

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