Episode 181 Why Outfitters are Important


This video talks about why outfitters are important and the benefits of using them.

Video 80 Hunting Pack Contents For This Season


This video shows what will be with me in the woods in my hunting pack this season.

Video 79 55 Arrow Practice Session


This video tags along with me on a 55 arrow practice session from the ground and tree stands. Its that time of year where I start shooting alot to be ready for hunting season.¬†Today was the start of my “must shoot 4 days a week” practice schedule.

Video 78 Bow Holder Hook Mod to Save your Pack and Clothes


This video show a mod to save your pack pockets and clothing from bow hook punctures.

Video 77 Tree Stand Maintenance

This video talks about how to maintain your tree stands for safety.

Episode 180 Archers Paradox, Shot Follow Through, and Common Mistakes


This episode talks about archers paradox and understanding what it is. Then we talk about shot follow thru and how all this relates to each other. Then at the end we break down some of the common mistakes that relate to all of this.

Episode 179 Traditonal Bowhunting With Modern Hunting Partners


This episode talks about being a traditional bowhunter hunting with modern hunters as hunting partners.

Video 76 Unique Antler mounts to save wall space


This video shows a couple neat ways to mount your antlers and save wall space.

Episode 178 Broadhead Q and A session 1


This episode is a Q and A session on broad heads.


Video 75 My New Northern Mist Baraga Longbow is Here!


Met up with Steve Turay of Northern Mist longbows today to pick up my new Baraga longbow.  Here is a video of the bow details and how it shoots!

Video 74 Trail Camera Set up In Big Woods


This video shows how to set up trail cameras in big woods situations on natural travel corridors and travel funnels.

Video 73 Wire Edge What it is and how to remove it

This video talks about a “wire edge” on a knife or broadhead and how to get rid of it.

Episode 177 Pep Talk For This Hunting Season And a New Bow Design By Northern Mist Longbows


This episode talks about the new bow design by Northern Mist called the Ramer for a few minutes then we get into a pep talk to get your excited and ready for this upcoming hunting season.


Well Steve Turay of Northern Mist Longbows has done it again! A new longbow design that breaks all the rules!

Let’s say that you wanted a bow that was the most forgiving, most stable, most accurate, quietest bow you could get but still wanted it to shoot with great cast and performance. Most bowyers would tell you it cant be made. Well Steve actually made exactly that with exactly those specs! He did not think it was possible either. But a phone call from one of his customers and some experimenting in his shop lead to this new bow design.

Introducing the Norther Mist Ramer Longbow! This is a reverse handle string follow longbow.

ramier long for article

Now by design the reverse handle longbow will be more stable, more forgiving, more accurate, and quieter that other longbow designs. Also by design the string follow longbow will have those exact same qualities. When you combine both a reverse handle and string follow into the same bow you essentially double the benefits of those qualities. However i don’t believe anyone has every attempted it do to the assumption that both of those qualities combined would hurt arrow speed. What Steve actually found out is the Ramer is within 3-4 feet per second of the speeds of his other bow designs. Now 3-4 fps is nothing! Heck most of us cant release good enough to not get 5fps fluctuation in speed consistency out any bow we shoot.

So This Ramer will shoot plenty fast, will shoot more accurate, will shoot quieter, will be more forgiving, will be more stable, and will straight up make you a better shot and better bowhunter!

The Ramer has been being tested by a few of Steve’s friends as well as Steve himself and the results and feedback are amazing! This bow is not yet on the Northern Mist website but will be soon. In the meantime you can always contact Steve for more details. The Ramer is available now is lengths from 64″-68″ and all the same wood options and grip designs as his other bows.

Contact Steve at Northern Mist anytime for more info.


raimer 2 for article

Bonus Episode Free Book Offer For Trad Bow Community


W.C. Hoffman is a very talented author and also a traditional Bowhunter! He was also one of the founders of the site fromtheblind.com. Bill recently contacted me and he wanted a way to give back to the Traditional Bowhunting Community and is giving one of his books away for free. The free book is his first book, Twins Of Prey. It is the first book in a 3 book trilogy. His Twins Of Prey books are right up our alley as outdoors man and traditional bowhunters. Listen to this podcast for the details. you can also check out his other books as well.

Here is the link to get your free book!