Please also check out our friends and their resources. There is a wealth of knowledge out there and these people take the time to help get that knowledge and information out to you. (Custom Made Hunting Saddles)    (forum)    (forum, Traditional Bowhunter magazine)  (Blog And Book)

Northern Mist (Best Longbows Ever Made)

Bill Hoffman’s Book Store (Excellent Author With Print and Audio Books)

Hoffmans Hunting Heritage Podcast (Hunting Podcast and Books)    (podcasts, videos)      (blog, video, store)    (blog DYI info)

The Push Podcast  (podcasts)

Stickbow Chronicles   (podcasts and PBS)  (videos, blog, tips) (forum, videos, hunting/scounting)

Hunting Beast Extreme Whitetail Tactics Youtube Page

Trad Bow Safaris (blog)

Primitive Pursuit (Podcast and Blog)

Traditional Outdoors Podcast (podcast and blog)

KifaruCast  (podcast)

Bowhunting Soul (podcast, also search him on youtube)


  1. Just discovered your site from Trad Gang and I really enjoy it. I have been bowhunting for fourty years and your site it one of the best.
    Keep up the good work.
    All the best,

  2. I just discovered your podcasts and website. I heard others mention it, but never tried it out. Now I did and I’m hooked! Great content and thoughtful advice. Not pushy, not selling stuff. Just good advice like we’re around the campfire. I can’t wait to dig deeper.



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