Episode 247 Why Hunters Hunt Like They Do


This episode talks about the different styles of hunting and methods that people use and the reasons why they do it.

Video 96 Ultra Light Dirt Cheap Havalon Knife Set Up

This video talks about Havalon Knives an ultra light dirt cheap option they offer many people dont know about.

Bonus Episode The Bowhunters Union With Bill Hoffman


This is a bonus episode so that I could publish it asap! Today I talked to Bill Hoffman about his new organization called the Bowhunters Union! This is an amazing organization established for the right reasons and going in the right direction!


Video 78 Bow Holder Hook Mod to Save your Pack and Clothes

This video show a mod to save your pack pockets and clothing from bow hook punctures.

Video 73 Wire Edge What it is and how to remove it

This video talks about a “wire edge” on a knife or broadhead and how to get rid of it.

Episode 164 Bowfishing Tactics and How to Find Fish


This episode talks about bowfishing tactics and how to find fish in different situations.

Episode 163 Trad Bow Community and Fitness for Hunting


This episode talks about the Traditional Bowhunting Community and at the end I cover some info about getting fit for hunting season.

Episode 162 Scouting Q & A Session 1


This episode is a “scouting” Q and A session. I have been saving up a bunch of questions on scouting that you guys have been emailing me and I cover some of them here.

Episode 161 My New Bowfishing Boat


This episode talks about my new bowfishing boat. The what, how, and why to everything I did to it.

Episode 153 Camera Gear for the Outdoorsman


This episode covers photography gear and cameras for the outdoorsman and hunter. Next week I will show you how to use this gear in full detail to get the most out of your photography.

Episode 148 Bowhunting Q and A Session 7


This is session 7 of the bowhunting Q and A episodes.

Episode 145 How to Cope When Everything is Working Against You in The Woods


This episode is a few days early as Im leaving today for my last out of state hunt for the year and wont be here on Monday to publish this at the normal time.

This episode is all about making the best of crappy situations and moving forward when everything in the woods is working against you.

Episode 143 Tucker Chronicles #2 More Random Hunting Info


This is part 2 of the 3 part series of the “Tucker Chronicles” With John Tucker.

Episode 141 Getting Animals Out of The Woods


This episode is a few days early as Im off to Kansas Tomorrow and wont be in the office to publish on Monday.

This episode is about different ways to get animals out of the woods and the pros and cons to each.