Episode 134 Ground Hunting Tactics


This episode talks about hunting from the ground, making ground blinds, etc.

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  1. Great podcast. I have been hunting the ground for years. Like you say, much more mobile!
    I also use a turkey hunting seat, like hunter specialties seats. I sit cross legged Indian stile on a couch pillow. This way I can pivot left or right to a knee to shoot. My set up entails using 10 yards of camo burlap set in a semi circle around a tree or stump or what ever. I use collapsible tent polls to wrap the burlap around, clipping the burlap with a hand full of close pins. All this slips nicely in my back pack. At times I may use bungee cords to shore up my setup.
    A very lite quick way to go…….. love it!
    Good Hunting, Tom

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