Video 100 Best Handgun for Bear Protection and My Thoughts as to Why

This video is meant to be the visual aspect of a podcast that will be out soon about bear protection hand guns and what to carry in the back country when bowhunting.

Episode 256 New Stuff Coming From 2018 ATA Show


This episode talks about the new stuff that I learner about from the ATA show that will be available this year.

Episode 255 New Bows From Northern Mist and Recap of the Last Part of my Hunting Season


This episode talks about a couple new bows from Steve Turay at Northern Mist Longbows. The second part of the podcast is a recap of the last part of my hunting season.

Episode 254 Why the Longbow Is The Ultimate Hunting Tool


This episode talks about why I personally think the longbow is the ultimate hunting tool.

Episode 253 Prepare for Next Hunting Season Now


This episode talks about the things you need to be doing right now to be ahead of the game for next season.

Episode 252 You Are Only As Good As Your Last Arrow


This episode talks about the age old phrase your are only as good as your last arrow and how it affects your mental aspect of shooting a traditional bow.

Episode 250 Shooting Slumps, Target Panic and Buck Fever


This episode talks about shooting slumps, target panic, and buck fever and methods to over come each.

Episode 248 Your Hunting License Is Not A Meat Voucher


This episode is published a couple days early as I wont be at home for a few days.

I talk about bowhunting today and what it has become as well as what we should be thinking about to protect it for the future.

Episode 247 Why Hunters Hunt Like They Do


This episode talks about the different styles of hunting and methods that people use and the reasons why they do it.

Video 98 My New Tree Stand Safety Line Set Up

This video shows my new “Dynamic” Tree Stand safety line set up I have been using this season. I love the extra protection and added features of this set up! Very Happy!

Video 97 Late Season Deer Hunt Follow Along

This video takes you with me on a late season deer hunt in early December 2017.

Episode 245 Mobile Hunting Advantages


This episode talks about the advantages to hunting mobile and moving to different hunting spots.

Episode 241 Biggest Bowhunting Lies We Are Told


This episode talks about the biggest bowhunting lies we are told.

Episode 240 Random Hunting Info Session 3


This episode covers some random hunting stuff.

Flash Back Episode 11 All About Broadheads


This is another Flash Back episode to my original episode 11 called All About Broadheads.