Episode 96 E.F.O.C. Arrows and Their Benefits


This podcast is published a few days early as I will be in Ohio for one last hunt when I normal publish episodes.

This episode is all about EFOC arrows and the great things that you get from using them.


  1. Jason,
    Thanks for this podcast , I’ve been waiting for this. It was great. Here’s an idea about the brass inserts. The brass inserts can be soldered with some flux and a torch very easily. the soldering will make both inserts 1 unit. also, a third insert could be used for added weight and footing. Again thanks for the podcast on FOC I really appreciate your hard work.

  2. I find your podcasts very informative for the simple man who wants to spend his money efficiently but achieve the desired result without buying into all the hype! My question is in regards to compound bows, I am not ready to jump into trad archery at this time, but may down the road. Are your general thoughts regarding arrow setup the same across bow types or more directed towards trad archery. Basically will I see benefits adapting your techniques and implementing them in my compound bow setup?

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