Episode 251 Advanced Hunting Clothes With Dan Rudman Jr


This interview with Dan Rudman Jr talks in tremendous detail about the advanced hunting clothes we have available today. The knowledge and understanding of these technical garments that Dan has is amazing! There is a ton of great info in this episode!

Episode 169 Buying a Custom Bow


This episode talks about buying a custom bow.

Episode 162 Scouting Q & A Session 1


This episode is a “scouting” Q and A session. I have been saving up a bunch of questions on scouting that you guys have been emailing me and I cover some of them here.

Episode 158 Understanding Whitetail Bedding Areas


This episode talks about Whitetail bedding areas. Where they are, how to find them, what to look for, etc.

Video 64 Part 2 Of My New Bowfishing Boat

This video is Part 2 of my new bowfishing boat. Part 1 showed the details of the boat, motor, lights, and layout. This video shows the rest of the details as the boat is finished and ready for the water.

Episode 157 Concealed Carry Responsibility and Thoughts


This episode talks about the responsibility of concealed carry and thoughts on the aftermath and legal aspect of having a firearm for personal protection outside of your home.

Episode 153 Camera Gear for the Outdoorsman


This episode covers photography gear and cameras for the outdoorsman and hunter. Next week I will show you how to use this gear in full detail to get the most out of your photography.

Episode 152 Blood Trailing Truths and Myths


This episode talks about important information on Blood Trailing animals. Its also covers some popular myths and what I think about them.

Episode 151 Lessons Learned From 2015


This episode talks about the lessons learned during the last year in the outdoors.

Episode 150 Thoughts on Broadheads and Finding Downed Animals


This episode is random thoughts on broadhead designs and finding downed animals based on those broadhead designs.

Episode 148 Bowhunting Q and A Session 7


This is session 7 of the bowhunting Q and A episodes.

Episode 147 How To Sharpen Knives and Broadheads


This episode talks about how to sharpen knives and broadheads. I cover everything from understanding to methods to results.


My scouting video is now available! Its is over 4 hours long and a 2 dvd set. here is the trailer. Cost is 29.00 and includes priority shipping (lower 48 states only). Email me to purchase and I will get you my paypal info or you can send a check or use Visa, MC, or Discover.   email is jason@tbwpodcast.com or click contact button.

Episode 145 How to Cope When Everything is Working Against You in The Woods


This episode is a few days early as Im leaving today for my last out of state hunt for the year and wont be here on Monday to publish this at the normal time.

This episode is all about making the best of crappy situations and moving forward when everything in the woods is working against you.

Episode 143 Tucker Chronicles #2 More Random Hunting Info


This is part 2 of the 3 part series of the “Tucker Chronicles” With John Tucker.