Episode 294 Dealing With October Changes When Hunting Deer


This episode talks about how to deal with the changes that happen during the October challenges.


  1. Jason,
    I just got to say thanks for your common sense, real hunting advice that is practical. There are a lot of ‘playboy’ hunting podcasts where it’s all about giant bucks and having five farms with a eight dozen cameras, etc. Your stuff if for everyone, and it’s very encouraging. It’s taught me to hunt all kinds of weather and terrain, and to hunt smart. Your sense of adventure is contagious.

    Keep it up!
    Dennis in Montreal, Quebec

  2. So, funny question here, kinda tying some stuff together… So when you’re cruising those White oaks looking for the active one, if you did it right, couldn’t you in essence, “stack” those oaks into your favor? Food for thought!

    • Great question and I bet you could to an extent. It would have to be done carefully as the oaks are usually more open thank bedding areas. There are also alot more options for oaks then beds. When you stack beds you are usually dealing with a few beds. With oaks there are tons of options for them. It would have to be a strategic route for you to channel them to the oak you are at. Doable? I’d think so. Just trickier than bed stacking. I’m gonna try this next fall when whites are falling again. Great idea and great question!

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