Episode 74 Tree Stand Harnesses and Lineman Belts


This episode is all about harnesses and lineman belts. I cover what to look for in a harness, how to find the best one for your needs and comfort as well as how to use them correctly. I also go into great detail about lineman belts. How to make them, buy them, use them, and why you need a lineman belt.


  1. In the right situations a rock climbing harness is a better option for comfort and won’t interfere with the shot. Cant use it with attaching a hang-on and climbing sticks. And if you’re overweight it could be an issue.
    I use a climber and ladder stands with a safety rope and this is the best harness for the job. Dont think they’re safe? Who falls more, rock climbers or hunters?

    • I have never used a rock climbing harness so I don’t know much about them. I know that there are people that like them for hunting. I prefer a harness that connects the safety line to back between the shoulders. so the line is out of the way and also keeps me upright in a fall. But there are people that love climbing harnesses to hunt from. And there is no denying they are very safe!

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