Episode 77 Game Trails, Intersections, and Hubs


This episode is about game trails, intersections, and hubs. What they are, why you want them, how to find them, and how to hunt them.

A note about episode numbers

The next 3 or 4 episode numbers might not match the number I call them in the podcast. I record all of these a few weeks ahead of time and I changed the order of publishing them for these next few. So keep in mind the numbers might not match on these next few episodes.

Episode 76 Random Hunting Info


This episode is some random tips, suggestions, topics, and other things relating to hunting.

Video 29 Super Fast Way to Hang a Tree Stand

This video shows me putting up and taking down a stand. From walking to the tree with all gear wrapped up, to up and down, and wrapped back up walking out. All in about 10 minutes. Very fast, very safe and how I do it every time I hunt.

Also note that my haul line has 2 loops so I can pull up my pack and bow at the same time. I also show you a cool trick for trees without branches to hang your extra sticks on.

Episode 75 Big Woods Navigation


This episode is all about navigation in the big woods. Places where line of sight and topography can’t help you. It’s about how to navigate in the thick stuff.

Episode 74 Tree Stand Harnesses and Lineman Belts


This episode is all about harnesses and lineman belts. I cover what to look for in a harness, how to find the best one for your needs and comfort as well as how to use them correctly. I also go into great detail about lineman belts. How to make them, buy them, use them, and why you need a lineman belt.

Video 28 Making Your Own Lineman Belts And Tethers

This video shows you how to make your own lineman belts and tethers. These not only cost less or about the same as the ones you can buy but are better in every way.