Episode 76 Random Hunting Info


This episode is some random tips, suggestions, topics, and other things relating to hunting.


  1. Hey Jason– thanks for the Xbow rant. I totally agree–bet there are a lot more of us who feel this way, too–but here in NY the $$ (manufacturers and sporting goods dealers) spoke and now we have the thing in the last 2 weeks of our archery season. NY Bowhunters fought to the bitter end but all we can hope for now is that the people who are all in on X bows will wander off to something else. After all, you still do have to go into the woods to hunt and that’s too much for some. Take care. Jury still out on whether or not my shoulder can handle a bow this year…….

    • Susan, It just goes to show how the masses think and what they demand. Hopefully NY doesnt end up like MI with xbows allowed all season. I wish you the best with that shoulder. If you need a lighter weight bow for the season let me know. My wife and daughter have a few bows of various weights laying around here and I can send one in a heart beat if you need it.

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