Episode 44 All About Treestands


This episode covers everything about treestands. Climbers, ladder, hang-on, homemade, saddles, etc. I show the pros and cons to all of them as well as my personal opinion on using each.


  1. Jason,

    I think you mention that the saddle you had is no longer made. There is a company called “New Tribe” that makes a saddle harness that sounds a lot like what you describe. I can’t speak to how well it works but looks as though the idea has caught one. Actually, it looks a lot like a standard climbing harness with beefed up padding under the thighs.

    Thought you might be interested…

    Happy Hunting!

    • Thanks Rush! The new tribe saddle is the best saddle you can buy right now. Hopefully others will start making them again. I have never used a new tribe saddle because my buddy made mine. But if i was to buy one today it would be new tribe.

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