Video 21 How to Serve a Bow String

This video shows how I serve my bow strings. The process is the same if you are serving a new string or replacing the serving on an old one. The process is very simple.

Video 20 How to Make a Flemish Twist Bow String

This is a simple video on how I make my bow strings. I do them right in my living room on my coffee table while we watch movies. I just got done making 4 new strings for this year and figured I’d show how I do it.

The process is very, very easy and not only does it save you money, making your own strings will let you customize them your way.

Episode 47 Emergency Shelters


This podcast is all about emergency shelters. We spend a lot of time in the wilderness and once in a while, for various reasons, we have to spend an unexpected night or two out there. This episode will cover the basic and full proof methods to keep you out of the elements, comfortable, and alive.

Episode 46 Bowhunting Q & A Session 2


This podcast is the second episode of the Bowhunting Q & A sessions. The first one is one of the top 10 podcasts downloaded so i am doing another one. These are all questions that were emailed to me. Again hopefully I have a 800 number set up in the future where you can call in with questions but as of right now the best way to get questions to me is to email me. If it’s a question I can answer I will.

Episode 45 Different Ways to Climb Trees For Tree Stand Hunting


This episode covers the different options we have to get into the trees when using tree stands. I talk about everything from home-made stuff to all the different commercial steps, sticks, ladders, etc that are out there. I will give pros and cons to each as well as my own personal opinions.

Episode 44 All About Treestands


This episode covers everything about treestands. Climbers, ladder, hang-on, homemade, saddles, etc. I show the pros and cons to all of them as well as my personal opinion on using each.