Episode 43 Today’s “Just A Doe” Mentality


This episode is all about today’s “just a doe mentality”. This subject was suggested to me by a listener and it got me thinking. Yes, I start this podcast with some basics just for pure principal but then I get into the interesting stuff and will make you look at hunting today differently.


  1. I could not agree with you more about the just a doe mentality. I bow hunt in San Diego California (UP transplant) and I just harvested a doe all fair chase and on the ground. And I could not be more proud. But I have to say that we have to be cautious about what is said about other hunters. Here in California hunting is constantly under attack and I the antis are using everything you can think of to take away our rights. I really enjoy your podcast and have learned a lot keep up the good work

  2. Good episode Jason. I have to agree with you fully. I often get teased for shooting does, which we are allowed two of per season with over the counter tags. And I have also found myself not trying my hardest when a doe presents herself, so I am guilty too. After one such incident, with a shotgun, I decided to renew my interest in Trad archery. About the same time I found you show! Really enjoying it so far!

    Blayne from Vancouver Island

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