Episode 145 How to Cope When Everything is Working Against You in The Woods


This episode is a few days early as Im leaving today for my last out of state hunt for the year and wont be here on Monday to publish this at the normal time.

This episode is all about making the best of crappy situations and moving forward when everything in the woods is working against you.

Episode 144 Tucker Chronicles #3 Missouri Highlights and Other info


This episode is the final Tucker Chronicles episode until next year’s hunting trips. Today we are talking about how our Missouri Hunt went as well as some other random stuff.

Episode 141 Getting Animals Out of The Woods


This episode is a few days early as Im off to Kansas Tomorrow and wont be in the office to publish on Monday.

This episode is about different ways to get animals out of the woods and the pros and cons to each.

Episode 138 Why Hunting Food Might Not Be The Best Option For Whitetails


This episode talks about why hunting over food might not be the best option for whitetails. Not that hunting food is a bad thing to do. But there are other and often better ways to hunt and this podcast talks about what, how and why.

Episode 135 The Emotional Aspect of Traditional Bowhunting


This episode talks about the emotional aspect of being a full time traditional bowhunter. This talks about who we are, what we do, and the ups and downs we deal with.

Episode 133 Hunting a Specific Buck


This episode talks about the differences in hunting deer and hunting a specific deer.

Episode 131 Gear I Will Use In 2015 And Favorite Stuff


This episode talks about the fear I will use this season as well as some of my favorite stuff that has proven amazing over the years.

Video 50 Making a Kydex Knife Sheath

This video is a step by step on making a knife sheath with Kydex. It also covers what you need material and tool wise to work kydex.

Episode 128 Common Scouting and Stand Set Up Mistakes to Avoid


This episode talks about common mistakes that are made when scouting close to or during the hunting season as well as some of the biggest mistakes made when setting up a stand site.

Video 44 Bowfishing Helpful Tips

This Video covers a few helpful tips for your bowfishing set up.

Video 43 Hand Winch Recovery System

This video show the hand winch recovery system I will carry in my truck this year to pull me out when I get stuck in the woods. Its called the “Weyth Scott More Power Puller”.

Episode 122 Bowhunting Q and A Session 6


This is another bowhunting Q and A session where I cover a variety of questions that have been emailed to me.

Episode 121 Understanding Firearms for Carry and Protection


This episode talks about different firearms for different situations, caliber choices, etc. Great camp guns, great carry guns, why and more info.

Episode 120 EDC Items Urban and Wilderness


This episode talks about EDC (every day carry) items that you should have on you. I talk about items for urban EDC and wilderness EDC.

Episode 119 Factors That Affect Arrow Penetration


This episode is a continuation of last weeks episode and covers all the factors that affect arrow penetration.