Episode 87 Light Arrow VS Heavy Arrow


This episode talks about the light arrow VS heavy arrow debate. I try to show the pros and cons to both set ups and give explanations and examples.


  1. Jason,Great job I have listened to every one of your podcasts at work they all are great, I wish you would do 2 a day makes the day go so much faster since I’m here at work and not in the woods so great job please keep them up thanks jeepman

  2. Jason , I really appreciate your podcast and videos. Everytime i listen to one, I cant wait to pick up the bow. I have shot traditional most of my life except for a short stint with the compound. It is great to have a place to go and learn from someone else. All my hunting buddies have always been pounders.
    Cant wait for the FOC Podcast. Hurry up will you? Lol
    Sequim WA. ( Blacktail Country)

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