Episode 90 The Silver Lining Of Failure And Frustration


This episode is all about the way we benefit from failure and frustration that we experience as bowhunters. Success teaches us little, where as failure teaches us the most. This podcast takes a deep look into that whole thing and brings to light all the great things that come from us failing.

Episode 89 Developing A Hunting System


This episode talks about the advantages of developing a hunting system. Using the same items and methods over and over until they are natural. Learning the pros, cons, and limitations of each item in that system.

This episode is published a day early as I am leaving in 15 minutes to head to Ohio hunting!

Episode 88 Hunting Times and When to Hunt


This episode is published a few days early as I will be in Missouri hunting on the normal publish day.

This episode talks about the best times of the day to hunt, along with the pros and cons of times of day vs different times of the season.

Episode 87 Light Arrow VS Heavy Arrow


This episode talks about the light arrow VS heavy arrow debate. I try to show the pros and cons to both set ups and give explanations and examples.