Episode 78 Don’t Buy The Hype


This episode takes a look at the hunting world and advertising, plugs, products, etc.

The hunting industry is filled with millions of accessories, trinkets, and gadgets all designed to make you a better hunter and make life easier in the field. This podcast breaks that down a little and gives you the bigger picture and ways to determine whats best for you.


  1. This had to be the best podcast so far. I own a 500 dollar compound now and expect it to last me the rest of my life. I can’t afford yearly “upgrades”. Sure I have bought a couple of unnessasary items but have really done a better job of buying needs over wants. My last need will be ordered next week is static rope for a better safety line. The seat belt line that was included in my climber twists and tangles up a tree. Need something faster acting. Thanks for everything sir. Wish I lived closer so I could get some 1 on 1 lessons lol. Can’t wait for the season here in Missouri. 1 week away. Happy hunting and good luck

  2. Jason,
    Good podcast, I am catching up on all your past information.
    Could not agree more about the magazine ads and us basically paying them to advertise to us. I pretty much stopped most of them, but I do feel kind of sorry for the people that work at publishing them and possibly putting them out of work. There probably are too many hunting related publications though. I even stopped TB last year because even they are getting bad; I also did not like reading articles from different people that got an article published in every issue. There seemed to be a lot less regular writers than in the past. Plus you know, it all kind of repeats itself after a while. Traditional is pretty simple, I can look back at the past issues and read the same things as in the recent issues. Your stuff is refreshing I agree with you 90% of the time, keep it up and be careful driving during your commutes.


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