Episode 109 Understanding Your Release Hand


This episode is all about your release. There is alot going on with the release hand, and it deserves some serious attention to get a good release. This podcast takes a deep look into whats happening and how to get the results you want.


  1. Great podcast! I went outside and started noticing things I never thought about before! I felt very confident about my shooting before and its clear after an hour or so that I am shooting even better with the new focus on my release! Thanks

  2. I thought the coverage of your topic on release was helpful. I have tried lots of different ways to release … tab, glove, and even a mechanical release left over from a compound I briefly owned. The mechanical release did not work well at all with a recurve. The string pressure on the inside of the caliper causes the string to ungracefully pop off (no fun at all). Then again if one is going to go that direction they might as well get a compound. I have stuck with a thick glove with reinforced type strips of webbing that I bought from Black Widow. Next time I shoot I will pay attention to my release. Yesterday the first couple of shots on the 3D course I felt the arrow feather nicked my bow hand. I wondered if that was because I squeezed down on the top of the arrow nock (i shoot split finger). Thanks Jason for the food for thought…

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