Episode 81 The Truth About Accuracy


This episode is all about accuracy as a Traditional bowhunter. How accurate you need to be, how to get there, and other details.


  1. Another great podcast! I am still hoping to be able to shoot by opening day but the shoulder still drifts and the bow arm is not solid. I will keep at it, however!

    I stumbled on a TV show the other day– some guy growing deer with humongous antlers– poor things could barely hold their heads up! And he sells them– got me to wondering where they wind up, and what that kind of genetic manipulation does to the wonderful world of record keeping, Pope & Young, etc. Every year or two I see a truly impressive buck in the woods– my usual response is “HOLY *** where did he come from!”. Must be much the same in Michigan– few and far between, but they ARE there. I don’t care about antlers much, just thought this might make a good show. Cheers and good hunting!

    • I wish you luck with the shoulder and hopefully you can make it happen this season.
      I know what you mean about the “growing deer” thing. Its getting out of control.

  2. Hey man you doing it right. I was a bow hunter as a really small kid. Im now in my late 20’s trying to rediscover what I once had known shooting as a kid. And you’ve unhinged some mental clogs with your knowledge and experience.

    Thank you

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