Episode 94 Understanding Your Bow Arm


This episode is all about the importance of your bow arm. There are a ton of articles, videos, etc about form, release, and other variables in shooting a bow. But very little on the importance of the bow arm. This whole episode is about using your bow arm the correct way, why you need to, and what it does.


  1. I really have enjoyed listening to your podcast and especially wanted to thank you for this one. I was just about ready to give up on shooting traditionally and your commentary on not worrying about anything but the bow arm completely broke me out of a shooting slump! I had so many different thoughts about form in my head while I was trying to shoot that it was killing me. I’m now shooting better than I ever have thank you again.

    • Dan, glad it helped you! Just remember to have fun with it. Traditional archery is 90% mental. If you let things start messing with you it goes down hill fast. A good way to bounce back from a slump is to go back to having fun. Set up some balloons, water bottles, Ritz crackers, etc and just shoot to have fun. It’s amazing how quickly I get back to normal when I stop myself from trying to fix myself!

  2. I shot today after listening to your podcast. I was shooting indoor at 20 yards and felt an improvement. I will have to continue to remind myself to push the bow/arrow into the 3d targets….I also tried the kisser button and anchoring with my ring finger to corner of mouth (not sure yet if this is the way f2f or me to go) it seemed to help but I think it will rake longer then an hour of practice.

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