Episode 6 Making Fire


The ability to make a fire in all conditions in the wilderness is one of the most important tools we need. As hunters and outdoorsman we spend as much time as we can in an environment that can make life miserable in a real hurry. The ability to make fire in all conditions is vital for are welfare when things get ugly. The ability to make fire is also a “right of passage” in my opinion as a woodsman. This podcast will teach you everything you need to know about making fire in the wild.

There is also a video that offers visual support to this podcast. The video is listed a little further down the home page. It’s called video 1 “All about fire”.  I actually chose to publish the video as the very first video because it is that important. The podcast would have been first but I didn’t want to edit the numbering system in the actual podcasts if I would have changed them around. I already had the first 5 podcasts recorded before I made the fire video.

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