Video 11 Flashlights, Headlamps, and Lanterns

This video is to offer visual support to Episode 12 Flashlights, Headlamps, and Lanterns. Here you will see some of the models mentioned in the podcast and see how they work. I will compare different lights, explain why they are better and what to use them for. Headlamps are covered in detail and what ones i like best and why. Then I will give you some tips and suggestions for making lanterns more functional for use and how to protect them.

Episode 12 Flashlights, Headlamps, and Lanterns


This episode is all about flashlights, headlamps, and lanterns. Flashlight technology is one of the fastest growing and changing technologies out today. The lights we have now are wicked bright, variable output, waterproof, shock proof, scratch proof, and reliable. Today we will cover all lighting systems and battery types. Led vs bulb lights. Pros and cons to different lights. Suggestions for great lights in these categories. Tips for using a lantern the right way and ways to protect lanterns while traveling.  There will be a support video posted very soon that will give visual support to this podcast.  (new models out in september. old models check online retailers)


Episode 11 All About Broadheads


This podcast covers a lot of good information about broadheads. The differences between styles. The pros and cons to blade count and size. Tips for making them perform better.  Why its important to practice with broadheads.  Important considerations for selecting broadheads.  Tips for sharpening and testing sharpness.

Video 10 How to Sharpen Broadheads

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This video shows how I sharpen my broadheads. There is a  podcast episode 11 that will publish on Monday that talks about broadhead types, blades, shapes, pros, cons and all details. This is a visual support on how to sharpen them to get your broadheads razor sharp. It also shows a unique way to make a great sharpener, as well as a great way to test the sharpness.

Thank You Everyone!

Well it’s officially been 2 weeks the traditional Bowhunting and Wilderness Podcast website started.  The statistics, amount of visitors, repeat visitors, and downloads numbers are WAY more than I anticipated this early in the start-up stage. I am so excited about all this. THANK YOU for your support and interest.  I just submitted the podcast to iTunes and Zune (should be live on both sites in a couple of days). I just added a button on the sidebar that will notify you via email when new podcast and videos are added.

I would love to get more feedback for anyone and everyone! Let me know what you think, what you like, and don’t like. Let me know topics you are interested in. I am doing this podcast for you guys. Your input, suggestions, and feedback is very important. Leave comments, email me, or leave me a message (very soon there will be a 800 number on here that goes directly to my voicemail from your phone or from your computer).  I don’t want this to just be one-sided. I am working on getting more items and options available for everyone to participate in this community and will keep you updated as this all becomes a reality.

Thank you again everyone for all the interest and activity on the traditional Bowhunting and Wilderness Podcast. It makes all the hours it takes to do this so rewarding.

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Episode 10 Animal Recovery Tactics Part 2


This episode is part 2 of animal recovery tactics. Be sure to listen to Episode 9 which is part 1.

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Episode 9 Animal Recovery Tactics Part 1


This is a 2 part podcast covering every detail, tip, and trick for recovering animals.  What to do before the shot, what to do immediately after the shot, how long to wait before moving, and what to think about while waiting. I will talk about what you will or wont find at the shot site, what to do with that information, and how to proceed. How to work a blood trail, tips and suggestions to keep you on the trail. What to do when the trail goes cold. Advanced tactics after the trail goes cold.

This is a extremely informative podcast to recovering animals.

Video 8 Knives for the Outdoorsman

This video is is visual support for the podcast called “Knives for the Outdoorsman”. Make sure to listen to the podcast for complete details about knives, metals, blade shapes, functionality, etc.

Episode 8 Knives for the Outdoorsman


This podcast will teach you everything you need know about knifes for the outdoorsman. We cover hunting knives, skinning knives, camp knives, bush craft knives, and survival knives. We will talk about the different steels and their pros and cons. Different shapes and their benefits. We cover Knife strengths and weaknesses.  This is a well rounded, detailed, tutorial about knives for the outdoorsman.      (rat line)

Episode 7 Traveling with Traditional Archery Equipment


This podcast is all about traveling with traditional archery equipment. We cover car travel, commercial airline travel and bush plane travel.  The challenges we face for each situation and the solutions to these situations.  We cover how to pack, how to protect and how to avoid theft when dealing with luggage.  Each type of travel has its own challenges. My intentions with this podcast are to help you avoid problems when dealing with those challenges.

Video 7 Longbow Tube for Airlines

This video shows my longbow tube I made for airline travel with my longbows. The above podcast goes into complete detail about traveling with traditional equipment. But it was hard to explain how I made my cap system on the longbow tube. So I made this video to offer a little visual support.

Video 6 Awesome Black Bear Hunt

This is a video of one of my black bear hunts a couple years ago. Not only did I capture the hunt on film I also got some amazing footage after my hunt was over.  When my tag was filled I decided to leave the bow at camp and sit in a ground blind with just my camera. The ground blind was positioned only about 7-10 yards from the bait so this very up close and personal. I cut some of the sound out to put it here as my full version was set to music is spots and I had to cut it down to fit it on here.

Episode 6 Making Fire


The ability to make a fire in all conditions in the wilderness is one of the most important tools we need. As hunters and outdoorsman we spend as much time as we can in an environment that can make life miserable in a real hurry. The ability to make fire in all conditions is vital for are welfare when things get ugly. The ability to make fire is also a “right of passage” in my opinion as a woodsman. This podcast will teach you everything you need to know about making fire in the wild.

There is also a video that offers visual support to this podcast. The video is listed a little further down the home page. It’s called video 1 “All about fire”.  I actually chose to publish the video as the very first video because it is that important. The podcast would have been first but I didn’t want to edit the numbering system in the actual podcasts if I would have changed them around. I already had the first 5 podcasts recorded before I made the fire video.

Video 5 Introduction to the Traditional Bowhunting and Wilderness Podcast

this is a short video introduction about who I am, what this podcast is about, and what you can expect from it.