Episode 50 Favorite Items Session 1


This is a new series I will run on every now and then. It’s kind of like a gear review but with a bunch of items in each episode that have proven themselves to me over a long period of time. Things that have become my personal favorites and why.


  1. I loved the Favorite Items podcast! I often listen to these on the way home from our hunting properties(we run hunts for hogs, about 95% traditional).

    I agree 100% about one or two of the forums being full of armchair experts. I don’t claim to be an authority but I know b.s. when I hear/read it. Lots of negativity too.Trad Gang polices their site a lot more, keeps it honorable and above board.
    Keep up the good work. When are you going to do a hog hunting podcast, arguably the greatest traditional bow quarry?:)

    • Jim I will be doing a hog huntin podcast soon. You are right its one of the best hunts there is and very affordable. I will be contacting you this summer to set up a hunt with you for next winter. Hogs, bowfishing, and warm weather works perfect for me! I wanted to do it this year but promised my wife we would do some renovations on the house and and funds are gone. Plus just about 3 hours ago a fork lift operator at the store we bought our logs from dropped a big load of pine 1/4 log siding on my hand and busted up a couple fingers on my shooting hand. No shooting for about 6 weeks!!

  2. I’ve been so excited about this hunting season that I’ve gone back to the early episodes and started listening – this one is fantastic! Thank you for all of your hard work.

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