Episode 55 The Truth About Bow Weight


This episode takes a good look at bow weight, how many pounds you need for what, why, etc.  There is a lot of myths, assumptions, and false information regarding bow weight. I’m gonna give you the facts, truth, and my personal opinion on the subject.


  1. Great episode today! Timing couldn’t be better. I stopped by my local dealer on Saturday and he started carrying some longbows from a bowyer in Ohio called Striker bows. I shot all 4 of the models he had and I just fell in love with a 58″ 41# model, I draw 29″.
    Most of my bow are 45-50#, because I had shoulder surgery 5 years ago. I was beating myself up about whether the 41#’s would be enough, but my thoughts are like yours, I’ll take accuracy over weight any day. A slow hit beats a fast miss anyday in my book. Thanks for the great podcasts.
    I called the shop and told him that I’ll pick up the bow this weekend.

  2. Jason
    Again right on and again I enjoy your enthusiasm in your pod casts.
    Just for your info –my arrow tuned for this falls elk hunt is a trad only 500 at 30″ 8gr per ” 100gr brass insert, 300gr tuffhead with 100gr steel adapter. Total arrow weight 770 gr. 400 up front. EFOC 31%.

    Bow – shrew classic hunter (Elkheart too) at 51lbs at my draw of 27″.

    The important thing you covered is that I shoot that combination with confidence at up to 20 yds.

    Concur–with you –bow draw weight is meaningless if you can’t shoot it and you don’t have an arrow that can do the job accurately.

    Semper Fi

    • Mike,
      Thanks again for the great comments.
      I’ve always been a fan of heavy arrows with good foc. Just made some new arrows with 30% and im loving them! Cant wait to hunt with ’em.
      I love your arrow set up. with the combo you have (as you already know) you could hunt any animal in the country with great confidence!

  3. Jason

    You just keep these video’s and pod casts coming. The content is great but what I really enjoy is your uninhibited enthusiasm. I chuckle all the way through.

    Just curious–do you have real employment or like me enjoying retirement, although you seem a bit young for that–oh well you could be just a lot smarter then me–that wouldn’t be tough to do:)
    Semper Fi

    • Thanks Mike.
      I do still have a full time job as a wedding photographer. I have to drive from northern Mi to southern Mi every week for work. During that couple hour drive i make the podcasts. Sure make my drive go by faster.

  4. for real jason thats an awesome cast,
    i love ur attitude in the way you are seeing our outdoor-life. even if i am travelling since more than a decade in (outdoor style) trough the world – i am just about get all the stuff to explore my first hunts.
    thanx for all the informations you offer – i need them a lot! …
    and please keep up the great work.

    forgive me my poor writing ;.)

    best wishes
    from germany/berlin

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