Episode 38 Introduction To Trapping


This podcast is an introduction to trapping. It’s a basic get started, what you need, and how to guide for racoon, muskrat, mink, fox, and coyote.  Trapping is fun for the whole family, important for the environment and makes you a better hunter. It also gives you something great to do in the off-season.

fntpost   where to buy all your trapping supplies.

duke 1.5 coil spring  (great trap for muskrat, mink, coon)

duke 110   (great for mink and muskrat)

bridger 1.5  (great for coon, mink, muskrat, and fox)

duke dog proof  (great for coon especially in urban areas)

mb550  (my favorite coyote trap)

Items you will need:

Water trapping: trowel, 16 or 14 gauge wire, t shaped rebar stakes, hatchet, traps, trap tags (required by law in many states), long rubber gloves if cold weather, a 5 gallon bucket to carry everything.

land trapping: trowel, traps, trap tags, hammer, sifter, cable stakes and puller or 1/2″x24″ rebar stakes, flat stake swivels (double stake swivels if rebar staking for coyote), knee pads or a kneeling pad, 5 gallon bucket.

skinning items: tail splitter, tail stripper, mini chain gambrel

all of the items and everything you need can be purchased at fntpost including your trap tags, baits, lures, etc. Best prices, fast shipping and great people.

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