Episode 38 Introduction To Trapping


This podcast is an introduction to trapping. It’s a basic get started, what you need, and how to guide for racoon, muskrat, mink, fox, and coyote.  Trapping is fun for the whole family, important for the environment and makes you a better hunter. It also gives you something great to do in the off-season.

fntpost   where to buy all your trapping supplies.

duke 1.5 coil spring  (great trap for muskrat, mink, coon)

duke 110   (great for mink and muskrat)

bridger 1.5  (great for coon, mink, muskrat, and fox)

duke dog proof  (great for coon especially in urban areas)

mb550  (my favorite coyote trap)

Items you will need:

Water trapping: trowel, 16 or 14 gauge wire, t shaped rebar stakes, hatchet, traps, trap tags (required by law in many states), long rubber gloves if cold weather, a 5 gallon bucket to carry everything.

land trapping: trowel, traps, trap tags, hammer, sifter, cable stakes and puller or 1/2″x24″ rebar stakes, flat stake swivels (double stake swivels if rebar staking for coyote), knee pads or a kneeling pad, 5 gallon bucket.

skinning items: tail splitter, tail stripper, mini chain gambrel

all of the items and everything you need can be purchased at fntpost including your trap tags, baits, lures, etc. Best prices, fast shipping and great people.

Episode 37 Tag Soup and Bowhunting Failure


This podcast is about Tag soup and bowhunting failure. As traditional bowhunters we are going to fail on so many different levels. Many of those levels result in going home empty handed and eating tag soup. This podcast we talk about the causes, attitude, benifits, fixes, etc.

Episode 36 Bowhunting Q and A Session 1


This podcast is the first ever Q and A session! The questions came from emails that I received. In the near future there will be a 800 number set up for questions that from what i understand will record the voicemail on my computer so I can actually play the questions. I don’t have this set up yet but am looking into the different companies that offer it and trying to get it all figured out so hopefully that will be an option soon. In the meantime, email me anytime with any questions.

Episode 35 Why Trapping Makes You A Better Hunter


This episode is why trapping makes you a better hunter. Trapping is not only a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors it can teach you so many things that make you a better hunter, better woodsman, and better with animal hides. Trapping is also a great way to introduce women and children to the outdoors.  This podcast will explain all of this in detail.

I named the podcast website “The Traditional Bowhunting And Wilderness Podcast” so that we could cover topics not only related to Traditional Bowhunting. I promise the majority of podcast will be related to Traditional Bowhunting. But there will also be plenty of podcast like this that cover all of the other wonderful outdoor experiences available to us.

Video 19 Deer Hunt Follow Along

This is a follow along of my deer hunt on November 13th 2013. I made it to show an unusual but powerful funnel, and how to deal with hunting pressure. I end up killing a big doe in the funnel and has a twist in the ending.

Episode 34 Processing Your Own Deer


This podcast will explain how to quickly and simply process your own deer. You don’t have to have a special area or special tools to process your own deer. This can be done in your back yard and the meat work done in your kitchen. It’s very easy to do. Does not take long, saves you money, teaches you a new skill, and gets you the most meat possible from your animal.

Episode 33 Taking Advantage of Rainy Days During Hunting Season


This podcast is about taking advantage of rainy days during the hunting season. How to hunt in the rain if you want to hunt. Other options of you want to improve your hunting but dont want to hunt in the rain. And also somethings you can do so that you get extra hunting time on better days.