Episode 170 Ethical Shot Distance VS Effective Range


This episode talks about he difference between ethical shot distance and effective range. Both are very different and both very important.


  1. Enjoyed listening to this podcast. I have been chastised for shooting traditional. I don’t care what they say or think. I practice at 20-25 yards but will only shoot at an animal at about 15. I’m more comfortable at that range. I have my equipment in the woods setup so I don’t have to shoot any further. It’s all personal and that’s what I love about traditional archery. I could not see myself going back to shooting a compound.
    Thanks for this podcast and all the others as well. Please continue to do them. Your a great teacher.

  2. I really enjoy the podcast.

    On your point of the “perfect form”, i think it comes from taking archery classes. Most like to enforce olympic style form when shooting at the range.

    I agree with you that you need to use what works for you regardless of what most consider “perfect”. If what you do works for you and is consistant and repeatable it is perfect.

    Just my 2 cents.

    Thank you for the information you share.


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