Video 72 Kuiu Icon Pro 1850 and Eberlestock F1 Frame Pack

In this video I show the 2 packs I will be using for this season and why. The Kuiu will be my main pack and the Eberlestock F1 will be my meat hauling pack frame.

Episode 173 Hunting Water Features For Deer


This episode talks about the best ways to hunt water features for deer.

Episode 172 Pre Season Hunting Preps


This episode talks about getting everything ready for the upcoming hunting season!

Video 71 Helly Hansen Impertech Review

This Video is a review of my new Helly Hansen Impertech Rain Gear. I have used this rain gear in the past and loved it. I recently bought another set and love it!

Episode 171 Getting your family Involved in Shooting Sports


This episode talks about getting your family involved in shooting sports. It covers everything from plinking, appleseed shoots, idpa, 3gun, cowboy, skeet and clays, to steel and bullseye. This is all about spending quality time with your family have fun and learning new skills.

Episode 170 Ethical Shot Distance VS Effective Range


This episode talks about he difference between ethical shot distance and effective range. Both are very different and both very important.