Episode 16 Footwear Tips, Myths, and Suggestions


This Podcast talks about footwear. Selecting the best footwear for your situations and terrain. recommendations for quality footwear in each category. Tips on making footwear last longer, keeping them clean, preventing blisters, dealing with blisters, etc. Busting a couple of myths about certain types of footwear. Giving suggestions on a bunch of footwear related stuff.

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  1. Hey Jason,

    Do you have any info on temperature rating for thinsulate boots? What I mean is some rubber boots have various degrees of insulation, 400 gr, 800 gr, 1000 gr, etc. I’m trying to gauge what thinsulate range will work for my hunting season here in Southern Zone, NY.


    • I have heard that each 200 gram layer is the same as adding one thick sock.
      I don’t have any charts or anything that give actual temp ranges inside the boots at different outdoor temps.
      But i will say i have worn my 800 gram insulated lacrosse burly boots in everything from 70 degree days to 10 below days and have stayed warm in all those ranges. with my uninsulated lacrosse boots i get cold at about 40 degrees on stand. So in my opinion the 800 gram rubber boots are more versitile in different temp ranges.

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