Episode 21 All About Arrows


This podcast is a basic understanding of arrows, how to select them, tune them, understanding FOC, different shaft materials, fletching options, etc. Even though this podcast is geared more towards those that are new to the traditional world, there are things in here that will benefit those looking for different arrow characteristics.

F.O.C formula

Ed Ashby Broadhead study

Episode 20 7 Tips For Safe Hunting


This podcast talks about 7 tips for safe hunting. It covers leaving game plan or insurance notes, using a harness in stand, not having an arrow on the string, safe field dressing, survival and first aid gear, navigation, common sense, practicing skills, and other important things to remember.

Episode 19 8 Must Do’s for Successful Whitetail Hunting


This podcast covers the 8 must do’s for successful whitetail hunting. These 8 things are the basis for a rock solid foundation for whitetail hunting.  I will cover hunting terrain, hunting the wind, enter/exit routes, hubs, working the bugs out, etc.  If you follow these 8 suggestions you will become a better whitetail hunter in my opinion.

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Video 16 How to Boil Water in a Plastic bottle

This video shows how to boil water in a plastic water bottle. This is very valuable as we outdoorsman usually carry a water bottle with us and it can be used in emergencies to boil water for safe drinking.

Episode 18 Making Water Safe to Drink in Emergencies


This podcast talks about ways to make water safe to drink if you have to spend the night or a couple days in the woods unexpectedly. It teaches ways to boil water even if you don’t have anything metal to boil in. It will explain other methods like iodine, hot rocks, uv pens, etc.

Video 15 Tree Stand Safety

This video shows the proper way to safely hunt from a tree stand. It shows the proper use of a full body harness. The best way to position stands and climbing systems. It also covers tether systems.

Note: I have received a few emails asking about my lineman belt i personally use. The belt is one i made from rock climbing components. It’s a ropeman ascender unit, climbing rope and climbing carabiners. This system is ultra light and super fast. I can let line out or pull in tight with one hand. I pull the rope to tighten and push the red cam lever to loosen. It works great. The prussic knot systems are also great, but i like this better. I often hang a stand and take it down after my hunt each time i hunt. so im often hanging 2 stands a day and use my lineman belt a lot. so i find this system beneficial.




Episode 17 Hanging Treestands and Preparing Hunting Locations


This Podcast is all about hanging stands, setting up hunting locations, and preparing hunting locations.  How to pick the best trees.  How to clear lanes. How to create funnels.  What time of year you can get away with doing what.  In season stand location prep work vs off-season stand site set up. What you need to set up stand sites and a bunch of tricks to make it easy.


Episode 16 Footwear Tips, Myths, and Suggestions


This Podcast talks about footwear. Selecting the best footwear for your situations and terrain. recommendations for quality footwear in each category. Tips on making footwear last longer, keeping them clean, preventing blisters, dealing with blisters, etc. Busting a couple of myths about certain types of footwear. Giving suggestions on a bunch of footwear related stuff.

keen   vasque  lowa  asolo  danner  lacrosse  rocky  redwing  irish setter

Video 14 Selecting the Best Feathers for Fletching

Here is a video that show how to select the best feathers for you arrows. Weather you use die cut, chop, or burn your feathers there are some things that should be looked at and done first to make sure they work the best for you. This video show you what to look for and how to make them last.

Episode 15 Why You Should Do A Bear Hunt


This podcast is about why you should do a bear hunt. Bear hunts are affordable, and very exciting. Of all big game hunts Black bear hunts offer a thrill factor that can’t be matched on a dollar per excitement scale. Everything about Bear hunting, Camping in remote bear country, The quality fishing, relaxed pace, and involvement make it one of the most rewarding hunting experiences you can have.

I will go into great detail about how to set up the hunt, reasons to hunt, what to expect, where to go, different hunt options, etc.

Video 13 How to hunt Big Diameter Trees

This Video shows how I modify my stand and sticks to hunt big diameter trees. This system can be switched from normal to modified in seconds. Also for those of us that pick trees to hunt without setting stands ahead of time, I show you a way to know if your stand will fit normally or if it has to be modified.

Episode 14 Documenting Stands and Hunting Info.


This podcast covers how to document your stand locations and other hunting info. I will explain the how and why, to what info you need to have for each stand location. I will explain why this info benefits you and how it can be one of the most powerful tools you have in you hunting arsenal.  I will cover everything about hunting journals, logging bow and equipment info need.  Lastly we get into details about trail cameras and what info you should record from those to benefit you for stand location choices.

Episode 13 Proper Practice for Bowhunting


New podcasts are published Mondays and Wednesdays. Videos are published as i make them.

This episode is all about proper practice for bowhunting. Topics covered include how long to practice, how often, best targets, strategies, what to practice, shot angles, what distances, tips, suggestions, and techniques to make you a better bowhunter. As hunting season is right around the corner for many of us this is a good topic for you to learn to fine tune your practice sessions so that your bowhunting gets the most out of you practicing.