Episode 31 Hunting Big Woods Whitetails


This episode is all about hunting big woods whitetails. I live in northern Michigan and hunt big woods. Miles and miles of state land. This podcast explains my methods for hunting big woods and how it differs from hunting wood lots and small parcels. I will cover scouting, funnels, edges, stand locations, pressure, safety, etc.


  1. Jason,
    Is it possible to do a video on how you identify things on your topo/ bing maps map to decide on which areas that look good to you. Like pointing out funnels, pinch points, ect

    • Richard,
      I just got a request for the same thing 2 days ago as well. I will for sure make that video soon and get it posted.

  2. Really love your pod cast I feel the same as you about hunting I can’t eat the horns either and here in nc the big bucks that all those guys talk about hunting just don’t exist . Thank you for doing your podcast and thanks for being a voice to the hunters that shot there first rabbit buy the age of 6 and deer hunted there whole life and don’t need no 1000 dollers worth of under armor to go hunt the same white tails that his father and his father before him hunted the kids of today are being led astray and it’s awesome to have a voice like yours out there with no bullshit sound advice.

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