Episode 25 All About Binoculars


This podcast episode is all about binoculars.

It covers how they work, what is the best size, what is the best style, differences is quality, differences in coatings, the pros and cons about each, and other binocular related details. This is a podcast that goes into full detail about everything that relates to binoculars.

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  1. Just picked up a pair of Leupold Yosemites 6×30 for eastern hard woods viewing while hunting. They are a bit bigger then I expected. They came highly recommended on the two trad archery forums. Not quite sure.

    Any thoughts or insights?

    • I’ve not handled that model but I love a 6×30!!!! One of the best sizes for close range hunting. Leopold makes great optics and I’d imagine those 6x30s are awesome!

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