Episode 248 Your Hunting License Is Not A Meat Voucher


This episode is published a couple days early as I wont be at home for a few days.

I talk about bowhunting today and what it has become as well as what we should be thinking about to protect it for the future.


  1. Jason,My name is Calvin i live in Midland . let me first say i almost sur come to getting a crossgun even had one on lay away at jay’s but took it off .due to the fact i can still use my upper body and i’m not taking the lazy way out nuff said on that.in the past i have used both compand,longbow and recurve.longbow being more traditional of the two . being i have’nt bow hunted in six yrs it was a toss up go with a compand or the traditional side trad won.it was either that or stay home. my wife the loving soul she is said do it at least your out of my hair and out the house.so i’am xforty recurve made by root.at fortyfive @28 with Vforce arrows with 155grn zwickey broadheads .so far i pretty much agree with what you have to say.

  2. Jason,
    My hat is off to you! Best podcast you have done to date! The system, like all aspects of life today, is driven by the almighty dollar and how it can be done with less effort. People no longer have the drive to do things the hard way because somebody will invent an easier way and pushover lawmakers who are bought and sold will let them use it. Personal pride in accomplishing something difficult with self induced ethics is gone. Antler porn has overcome the humble satisfaction of a good day in the woods. So what we will end up with is more restrictions, shorter seasons and more costly licenses. Thank you technology for taking the ARCHERY out of ARCHERY SEASON! I have 2 co-workers that hunt with crossbows and we have this argument all the time. Here in Wisconsin, the shift is already happening. Gun tag sales are down but crossbow tag sales are up as gun hunters can now take advantage of the earlier season opportunity. Couple the crossbows with baiting and foodplots and as you know all too well, it’s a recipe for ridiculous harvest success rates. It’s only a matter of time before someone notices the paradigm shift and as the WIDNR goes, that’s usually too late. Then we conventional hunters always pay the price. Count me in on your fight to put a stop to this!!! Or else, I’ll see you in Oregon next year, lol!
    Keep up the energy!

  3. Jason,
    A non-pansy assk here. Your podcast is spot-on pal. I literally have been talking the same talk to my buddies for the last couple years now.

    Let’s come up with a concerned group of Bowhunters and dis-lodge this weapon out of the Archery Season. Penna. started this with a permit only. You went to the doc, pleaded your case, got the permit and were good to go.

    Game Commission saw the $$$$ signs and bam, there in. Lots of deer being killed by kids 9-13 years old the first week of Archery. When have you ever seen that happen before.

    Besides the fact that this is going to impact the season, the other thing that really concerns me is the fact that these kids are not even going to know what a real bow is!

    Let me know how I can help if you come up with something.

    Good Shooting->->->->Craig

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