Episode 227 Back Pack Options For Whitetail Hunters


This episode talks about back pack options for whitetail hunters.


  1. This is a subject I’ve been working on my whole life as well. I’ve been using Lonewolf for maybe 8 years now. I agree it’s the best option, but not perfect. My problem with a big pack is, what do you do with it when you’re hunting? It doesn’t fit in the Assault. Do you hang it from a bow hook? Seems like it would be kind of hard to access. I try to fit everything in a bag small enough to fit under the seat. Instead of using the garbage clothing that is marketed to Whitetail hunters (the expensive fuzzy camo sold at Cabelas that gets covered with burs, is bulky, uncomfortable, and not warm) I started using a puffy jacket and pants. You can get expensive down from Kuiu or just go with cheap nylon snow pants and jacket. They weigh almost nothing and crush down into a tiny ball. Since you’re only wearing them when you’re stationary, durability isn’t a problem. I was a little concerned about the noise at first, but it hasn’t been a problem. The small bag straps to my stand while walking. As far as getting deer out, I tie paracord around the leg tendons. Then tie the cord to my stand behind my shoulders. I’ll kneel down and put the stand on, and when I stand up only half of the deer is touching the ground. Although it’s not simple, it’s not a terrible way of getting a deer out maybe up to a mile.

    • Well said. I hang my pack with a carabinier on to the batwing bracket of the lonewold. It puts the pack right there next to my legs and east to access.
      I agree with most whitetail clothing being junk. And the stuff that is good cost a fortune. So I mostly wear everyday clothes (cargo pants, plaid shirt, wool sweater, fleece, etc).
      For getting deer out in Michigan I usually use a jetsled. Works awesome and I have time on my side. When hunting out of state time is tight and I don’t want to give up hunting time or sleep or scouting time so I bone and pack out all in one shot.

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