Episode 195 Apology and First Half of Season Recap


This Episode is an apology and a recap of how the first have of my season has been.


  1. Try keeping each side rib cage and grilling them, There are one of my favorite parts of the deer, I use wire cutters and snip each rib bone to remove them. hearts are great also, I do the gutless method also. I have had people find my deer carcass after I did the gutless method, and then they assume that the deer was poached.

  2. I never understood the concept that deer don’t move when it’s warm out. Do people think that deer hunker down all summer and don’t eat? I get it that they’ll be more active in rut. I also understand that they burn more calories to stay warm, so they need to browse more in the cold. However, if you think of them as nocturnal creatures, then it would make sense that they would be out during daylight more when the nights are short and the days are long (early season when it’s warm). Just like we spend more time active in the dark when the days are short and the nights are long rather than sleeping for 15 hours a day.

    • Travis,
      I love the way you are thinking and analyzing this stuff. That’s what makes good hunters great.
      I also hunt no matter what the conditions are because you are right deer can move anytime. The thing about heat in the fall or above normal temps is that deer have their thicker coats and fat reserves all set and prepared for the colder temps. So when temps are above what they normally should be deer are too hot to move. It would be like you wearing a winter jacket and snow pants in july. You would not want to move much either until it cooled down at night. Better to find a cool place and hunker down during daylight. Deer react same way. But you are correct. They can move anytime and being in the woods every chance we get is the best way to hunt!

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