Episode 182 Benefits of Not Using an Outfitter


This episode is all about the benefits of do it yourself hunting and not using an outfitter or guide.



  1. Jason, love your podcast. Many thanks for all the effort you put in to them. Last year I did four dyi out of state thanks to your nudging. Two deer and two hogs were the result, all with my travel trailer hunting public lands and new places!
    This year I limiting my self to two states so I can out fit my travail trailer with solar panels for boon dock hunting on some WMAs I have been scoping out in Alabama’s black belt.
    Thanks again for what you do.

    • Tom congrats on your for success! Glad to hear you are having fun as well as filling the freezer. The solar panels will be a big help. My brother and his family are now traveling the country in an RV and we’re just talking about solar for the same reasons.
      The benefits I have gained from you public land hunts will hopefully allow my wife and I the option to spend alot of time hunting out of a camper trailer once the kids are out of the house. Could never afford that option if i had to rely on outfitted hunts.
      Let me know how it all works out for you this season!

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