Episode 167 All About Hog Hunting


This episode talks about hunting hogs. Places to go, styles of hunting, meat care, etc.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: True South Adventures has changed its name and is now called Olde Florida Bowhunting! You can find all of Jims Hunting info on face book by searching “olde Florida Bowhunting”


  1. Great podcast Jason! Having guided hog hunters for the last six years I have yet to see a shield stop an arrow from reaching the vitals.

    For listeners interested in a Florida, free-range hog hunt check out:
    Olde Florida Bowhunting on Facebook.

    Thanks again for the great Podcast and kind words.
    Jim Dussias

  2. FYI, Irv does his hunts from January through April (he’s in WI) the rest of the year.
    We combine our efforts on bigger groups(half on his places, half on mine). It’s worked out great.

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