Episode 29 Target Panic, Buck Fever, and Shooting Styles


This podcast is all about target panic, buck fever and how it relates to shooting styles. I will explain target panic and buck fever as well as give my personal suggestions for curing both. Then lastly, explain what shooting styles are most affected and why.


  1. This is awesome! Thank you Jason. Podcasts 19-29 are downloadable in iTunes but not episodes 1-18. Is there a way to get them into iTunes? I’ve subscribed but it does now show them.
    thanks again,

  2. Quinn,
    I have tried to get itunes to change the amount of podcasts that show. the defualt is 10 episodes but i sohuld be albe to change it. I did what they told me to do but it doesnt seem to change anything. I’m trying to get it but not sure how or when it will happen. even if i can get it changed it will only the latest 30 episodes. anything that is no longer on itunes can be downloaded or played directly from my site. Thanks!

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