Episode 241 Biggest Bowhunting Lies We Are Told


This episode talks about the biggest bowhunting lies we are told.


  1. Jason great podcast! I agree with everything you have said! When I was younger I got caught up in all the hunting hype you mentioned! Again, great podcast, I really enjoyed it!

  2. Find the adventure, amen. I don’t have lots of private land to hint so i bored with a piece of property sometimes. When i do i pack up pack with everything i may need for the day and hope in the the truck and drive about an hour to some public, grab my pack and go. Strangely enough, and I’am thankful for it I hardly every see anyone. I’ll go in the middle of of this property about lunch time,strap on my tree seat, dig in my pack and get my sleeve of crackers and a can of vienne sausages a bottle of water and sit there and eat and take it all in.
    I could just as well be a thousand miles away. I think some of my buddies are jealous cause they don’t have the balls to do it. Afraid someone will think they are silly. I dont care. I can’t afford big trips so this is my adventure, some of my best days in the woods.
    Glad you get it!

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