Episode 238 Chasing Unicorns


This episode talks about a phrase called chasing unicorns and how it relates to traditional bowhunting.

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  1. Jason, all of what you say here makes complete sense and applies, as you point out, to a wide range of topics. Growth, learning, and healthy self-esteem are built on a foundation of demonstrating self-discipline to overcome obstacles. Our society overall has tried to redefine self-esteem that everyone is entitled to and that should be a birthright (“everyone gets a trophy”). In our hearts, we know the difference between earning something with hard work and being given something we did not earn. The former is inherently satisfying and reinforcing, so you go back for more. The latter is empty and unfulfilling, so you move on to the next empty pleasure. Most of the US lost understanding of this distinction starting in the 1960s.

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