Episode 198 Why I Love Hunting Public Land


This episode talks about the pros and cons of hunting public land and why I love it so much!

Note: I made a mistake! I said it was Colorado that shortened their season due to technology and I was wrong! It was Washington State that did that. Sorry for the mistake!


  1. I was am wondering what your opinion is on keeping your favorite public location a secret. I had a problem when I asked a brother in law to help me track some deer in a couple locations, and then he told his son where I am hunting and now his son is entering this spots to hunt. Is it just public land and everyone can go wherever
    please or should friends respect other friend areas?

    • I feel that friends and family need to respect your spots! I take friends hunting on state land alot and if they ever come up here to hunt without me they stay out of those spots unless they ask me if it’s OK. That’s how I think it should be. But I have been in your exact shoes. I have a neighbor that I had help me track a deer and next thing you know he was hunting that spot while I was gone on the weekends. Another time he asked if I had a good spot for him for a east wind and I said I do and I walked him in and showed him the tree I set up in. I went to hunt it 3 weeks later and found a bait pile and a ladder stand that had his name on it. That was 3 years ago and he hunts that spot every year and kills deer there every year bragging about how great his spot is! So I feel your pain!

  2. I had this queued in my playlist for weeks and was excited to finally listen to it today. The only thing I don’t like about living in Texas is how little public land there is. I did like the discussion about etiquette when running into other hunters since I’ll be sure to encounter that here. Thanks for another good podcast!

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