Bows for Sale

I have 3 bows for sale (cleaning out the closet a little).

2 identical Robertson Purist Longbows. One is a Cocobolo riser and the other is Bacote riser. both have elm limbs and both are 62″ long 63# @ 26″ (about 70#s at 28″) Both are LEFT HANDED. 325.00 each or both for 600.00

Here is a youtube video showing the each longbow in full detail.

Cocobolo Robertson

Bacote Robertson

I am also selling my Jim Brackenbury Shadow Recurve.

LEFT HANDED 60″  61# @ 27″

I had the bow made in the early 90s and only hunted with it for 2 seasons then just shot it each year for a couple arrows in the yard. These bows now are thirteen hundred bucks with a 3 year waiting list.

Selling for 600.00

Any questions on any of them let me know.

Jason 586-350-5837 call or text anytime.

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