Episode 103 My Arrows


This episode describes the reasons for each and every component of my arrows and why I chose them. I get more questions about my arrows than anything else so I thought I would do a whole show that breaks down the how, why, and what for about my arrows.

Episode 102 Coyote Hunting with a Bow


This episode is about predator hunting with a bow. Predator hunting is very challenging and fun, but is also a great way to get outside in the off season and keep your skills sharp.

Episode 101 Taking Advantage of Winter Down Time


This episode talks about the things you can and should be doing during the winter down time to prepare for the up coming hunting seasons.

I was a guest on the TradCast Podcast.

Chad Tavernia recently started a traditional Podcast called the Tradcast. He does this podcast through youtube. He called me with a few questions and I was happy to go on his show as a guest and answer his questions. Chad is off to a great start with the TradCast and also has some other great videos on his youtube channel.

Here is the episode!

Bows for Sale

I have 3 bows for sale (cleaning out the closet a little).

2 identical Robertson Purist Longbows. One is a Cocobolo riser and the other is Bacote riser. both have elm limbs and both are 62″ long 63# @ 26″ (about 70#s at 28″) Both are LEFT HANDED. 325.00 each or both for 600.00

Here is a youtube video showing the each longbow in full detail.

Cocobolo Robertson

Bacote Robertson

I am also selling my Jim Brackenbury Shadow Recurve.

LEFT HANDED 60″  61# @ 27″

I had the bow made in the early 90s and only hunted with it for 2 seasons then just shot it each year for a couple arrows in the yard. These bows now are thirteen hundred bucks with a 3 year waiting list.

Selling for 600.00

Any questions on any of them let me know.

Jason 586-350-5837 call or text anytime.

Episode 100 A Recap of The Last Half of This Hunting Season


This episode is a final recap of the last half of this hunting season.