Episode 382 Why I Do Not Think We Need More Hunters


Episode 382 Why I Do Not Think We Need More Hunters


  1. Jason, thank you so much I feel EXACTLY the same way!!! I’m 61 years old, I’ve hunted all my life…just when I thought Michigan game laws couldn’t get worse (after the cross gun crap) they pull this shit! I’m sending this podcast out to everyone I can for what its worth (unfortunately talking common sense to lazy “hunters” is like talking common sense to 95 percent of the democrats!)
    Thanks so much for taking the time to do what you do. I’ve followed you sence you ordered your 2nd Baraga 🙂 I also shoot Steve’s bows and love them…plus after pretty much not hunting from trees anymore I’m hunting from John’s saddle and absolutely loved it!! John just lives a few miles from me and he’s one of the nicest guys I’ve met..hopefully we can meet sometime in the near future? We definitely think the same on pretty much everything…stay safe my friend!

    • Glad you liked the podcast! always makes me nervous when I get the real and unfiltered. Also glad you are loving Johns saddle!! we will definitely have to catch up next time I get down that way by him.
      Thanks again!

  2. I love how raw and honest Jason is. Love him or hate him, agree or disagree and he’s going to say what’s on his mind unfiltered and that’s what I love about him most. No political correctness here!
    As far as this episode, I couldn’t agree more. I used to fall in the trap of thinking we need more hunters because there’s power in numbers and I want our rights preserved for the future generations.
    However, the wusification of America is alive and well with the MI DNR. What’s next, are “hunters” going to request conservation officers chain the animals up to trees so they can simply walk up and shoot them.
    EVERY regulation since I was a kid has made it easier to harvest deer. (Longer seasons, gun hunting from trees, more licenses available, cross bows, rifles during muzzle loading, youth season etc…).
    I could go all day. We don’t need more hunters, we need the right kind of hunters. (Respect for the land, respect for the animal, conservationist, woodsman ship etc…)

    • Thank you! Agree 100% time for things to change for the better. For the last 25 years hunter numbers have been falling even with all the easy button tech and extended seasons. Its time to focus on quality hunters rather than keep failed attempts at quantity of hunters.

  3. Hey Jason! I totally agree with your basic message here. Technology and money are ruining hunting in North America. The hunting culture in the States is especially disgusting. I’m from Canada and now live in PA. I was aghast on my first opening day of rifle season down here. The moment legal light hit it sounded like Beirut in the 80’s. In know a guy who has counted 38 bullet holes in his buildings, including his home, in one season! I’ve devoted myself to trad archery this year because I don’t want to have anything to do with that type of person. If people are worried about losing their hunting maybe they should stop giving the anti-hunters every excuse in the book. And as far as the tech goes, you are spot on. If it has sights and a trigger and shoots to a hundred yards it’s not a bow! I have shot about a dozen deer with my rifle since being down here and my farthest shot was about 75 yards. Anything over 20 yards is rifle hunting. It is very easy to get to 30 or 40 yards on an animal. Hunting doesn’t start until you hit 20 yards. Everything else is just shooting. If you are too lazy to learn how to get a little closer then you are just taking up space and ruining things for those of us who are trying to preserve our heritage for our children. Where is this technology going to stop? Are we going to see these trophy “hunters “ shoot bucks with remote control drones soon? Would they still consider that hunting? A lot of these whinny little man children would jump at the chance no doubt. You are right about one thing, America is seriously lacking in testosterone. 90% of these pussies wouldn’t last a week where I come from. As an outsider lm disgusted the attitude of most hunters down here. No respect for the animals. No respect for their fellow hunters. No respect for their own communities. I agree with you 100%. Shits gotta change or there won’t be any hunting left in the lower 48 in a few decades. Hunters are currently their own worst enemies.

  4. Look, hunter numbers are declining and there is a connection to your perspective shared here. Young hunters are included in the kill and the picture. Many are taken to an elevated blind in the middle of an opening with bait strategically placed. The young hunter is dropped off at the foot of the ladder where they climb up, settle in for a brief few minutes and pull the trigger on an animal. They miss out on the fun of hunting. The sights, smells and sounds of the forest are missed. They don’t listen to the sound of rustling leaves, which turns out to be a ground squirrel or a bird. They miss the challenge, failure, scouting and fun of hunting. So, with a quick kill and a photo for media bragging, they move on with life and think that is what the outdoors and hunting is all about. No wonder they quit early in life. They never experience real hunting. This is so tragic.

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