Episode 364 Steve Turay Of Northern Mist Longbows


This episode I get to talk with Steve Turay of Northern Mist Longbows. Steve builds the best longbows ever made in my opinion! I have been shooting his bows for about 6 or 7 years now and will for the foreseeable future! Follow along and we will learn all about Steve’s bows!


  1. Jason,
    The interview with Steve was excellent and timely. Last week I ordered a Ramer from him, mainly due to your glowing reports. Thank you, I learned a lot…

  2. Great episode with Steve, I think it cleared a lot of bow model up for people. Keep up the great work Steve. Jason, if you have him back on bring up the Howard Hill restoration project that he led and got done, it was a great act of admiration.

  3. Steve is an excellent bowyer and even better person. His bows are the most popular at Maryland’s Baltimore Bowmen Classic. He’s been coming there for at least 18 years now. He makes a HIGH-quality bow and is very knowlegeable.

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