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  1. question #1 = now i’m not criticizing or anything like that…its that i am a complete idiot when it comes to hunting animals…but why is it that you will bait bear or swine and not deer ? what makes bear and swine different ? is it that deer will follow a certain pattern/trail while the aforementioned will not ?
    question #2 = While i’m at it – would you walk roughly 500 football fields though elevation changes and thick nasty stuff to hunt ? i found a spot (actually a couple) that i don’t see how anyone could legally hunt on public land without camping out or using a motorized vehicle to access it..which are both illegal..i thought about renting a horse but they can be such a pita especially when they are not yours… i don’t think its worth it…but i’d bet who ever does it would come back with a p&y entry…talk about barriers to entry..

    question #3 = question about scent control (i have to laugh when i say that)..my current sticks are only getting me to 14.6 feet..i can and will add another stick which will get me to 18 feet..but thats as high as i think i can make it..seeing that no one would miss me and my age affecting my ability to climb trees..i’ve been pondering the idea of using a ghillie suit and ground hunting for safety reasons..does tree sitting give a significant advantage over ground hunting when it comes to getting ones scent up and over the surrounding area..i really like saddle hunting….the squirrels dont seem to notice me as much and i assume the deer too..and understanding that deer and squirrels dont expect trouble from above (or not as much)..does tree climbing give a hunter that much of an advantage ? i’m still going to saddle hunt (sitting in a tree is just awesome) but i’ve been pondering the idea of going back to ground hunting especially on blind sits..then going in later to saddle hunt..

    question #4 = i’ve been considering adding a 2nd rope/strap on the bottom of my sticks to help stop them from kicking out..do you think that would work ?

    if you dont answer all these questions thats cool..i know you have a boat load of stuff going on in life..dont we all…

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