Episode 337 When To Get Out Of Trad And Bella’s Bear Hunt Recap


This episode is a 2 part episode. First we recap Bella’s Bear hunt and then talk about when, if and why you might want to stop shooting a traditional bow for hunting.

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  1. WHAT ???? Cross gun ??? how about this – i’m going to start a new form of hunting deer – using a toy suction cup gun…you have to get within 1 yard to be effective..anything else is unethical…jk

    to be absolutely perfectly honest – i would rather not shoot one of Gods creations…i just want to out-smart them…unfortunately killing one is the only way to do it..and if i have to do it – it will be an ethical kill…the only unethical kill is chaining an animal up and beating it to death with a club..the degree to which you out smart an animal is determined by the weapon of choice..which is the reason i’m pursing a recurve…however i do not have the skill to make an ethical kill right now with one..i can do it with a gun, a crossbow and/or a compound bow..most likely “When” i have the skill to do it with a recurve i will then pick up a spear or atlas…if i live long enough…

    Thank you for being a great father – you taught your daughter something about ethics which i’m sure will extend past hunting into her everyday life..and i absolutely agree with you that most people today do not have that characteristic …the fact that she was so excited by the hunt puts a smile on my face too…

    now if you will excuse me i have to get to work on a new video series on how to tag an animal with a suction cup gun….lol

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