Episode 331 Why Your Arrows Matter


This episode talks about the importance of your arrows and how you make them and set them up.

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  1. i dont shoot arrows – i shoot broadheads/points….i’m going to try to achieve eufoc with a light weight arrow..i don’t know what weight my arrows will end up being but i feel 125 gr head with eufoc will surfice for my 30-35lb draw weight…i have a feeling i’ll probably end up going with a heavier head (for a variety of resons) but i want as light and thin an arrow as i can get cause i feel speed is still important..to a degree..today i received my arrow cutter, spin tester, fletcher, chronograph, three different arrow sets, scale…i still need a paper tuner thing a ma jig (lol) and (heck something else) plus a crap load of inserts, heads/points, feathers, notches, glues and a torch…heck its only money…

    any ideal how busnell binos compare to your cheaper versions…as i just got 4 pairs in today as well..

    ps – can i borrow your truck ?

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